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A Refreshing Sip of Nostalgia: Cherry-Limeade Recipe🥤

Fresh Leeks' Chef Lee enjoying a cherry-limeade from The Snack Shack on Johnson Drive
Fresh Leeks' Chef Lee enjoying a cherry-limeade from The Snack Shack on Johnson Drive

It’s been another hot 🥵 week here in the Midwest. To help you stay cool and hydrated, we’re sharing a quick, easy recipe for a refreshing nostalgic beverage, the cherry-limeade🥤, while paying homage to one of KC’s best burger 🍔 joints.

This is not your run of the mill cherry-limeade. This cherry-limeade recipe has a rarely seen and used secret ingredient that gives it a delightful creamy twist! Any guesses to the secret ingredient that takes this classic refreshing drink to the next level???...

It’s a generous scoop of tangy lime sherbet floating on top! This lip-smacking cherry-limeade drink recipe pays homage to the iconic cherry-limeade at The Snack Shack on Johnson Drive, a beloved KC burger institution. Ready to take a sip of nostalgia? Let's dive into this quick and easy cherry-limeade recipe.


1.5 oz of Rose’s Grenadine (a shot glass worth!)

½ lime freshly squeezed

1 can Starry or other lemon-lime type soda (a 7.5oz or 12oz can to your thirst level)

Ice cubes (crushed ice is the best)

Lime sherbet (at least one scoop per serving!) we prefer Blue Bell Sherbet Lime

Lime slices and cherries 🍒 for garnish (optional)

Fresh Leeks' cherry-limeade recipe ingredients
Fresh Leeks' cherry-limeade recipe ingredients


Step 1: Add a generous amount of ice cubes 🧊🧊 to a glass of your choice. Crushed ice is best!

Step 2: Squeeze the juice of ½ lime over the ice in that glass.

Step 3: Pour the Grenadine into the glass.

Step 4: Pour the Soda into the glass, adjusting the amount based on your desired level of sweetness and tartness. Don’t fill the glass all the way though. Leave some space at the top of the glass for the special ingredient. Then give it a good stir to ensure even distribution of all the added liquid flavors.

Note: You could also add 1.5oz of vodka here and make it an adult beverage!

Step 5: Now for the twist that makes this cherry-limeade truly extraordinary. Scoop a generous amount of lime sherbet and place it on top of each glass. The sherbet will float gracefully on the surface, infusing the drink with a creamy and tangy essence. Add a straw and you’re ready.

Step 6: For an added touch you can garnish the glasses with lime slices and cherries 🍒.

A Fresh Leeks' cherry-limeade
A sip of local nostalgia!

Step 7: Sit back, take a nice drink, and enjoy. The flavors of cherries and zesty lime, combined with the luscious lime sherbet, will transport you back to the cherished memories of your childhood summers.

With this easy cherry-limeade recipe, you can recreate the magic of Snack Shack's iconic drink in the comfort of your home. The addition of lime sherbet takes this refreshing beverage to new heights. Whether you're hosting a BBQ, relaxing by the pool, or simply need a refreshing drink on a warm summer day, this cherry-limeade is sure to hit the spot.

So, raise your🥤 and let's sip to the flavors of nostalgia!

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